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It's not too late to start YouTube and it does not need to be so hard. All you need is the right strategy to grow your channel. I have been consistently helping creators for years and the results speak for themselves. If you want to know how this is possible, join the YouTube Playbook and I will take you through it all.


    I have worked closely with Leana Deeb for the past year on everything from strategy, thumbnails, titles, filming, editing to help go from zero to a 1M subscribers in under a year. I cover it all in the course and how you can do this for your channel.


    Ashton has been growing consistently since we started working together. We pushed on shorts, daily community posts, more valuable content and people have been loving it, which has led to his channel growing faster then ever before.

YouTube Playbook covers everything you need to grow your channel

We cover everything you need to know to turn YouTube into a fun, highly efficient and profitable income stream for you.

1 - What Content to Post?

  • ✅ Targeting a specific niche/topic that aligns with your expertise and interests
  • ✅ Formats that resonate with your audience and effectively convey your message
  • ✅ Define your target audience's demographics, interests, and pain points
  • ✅ Tailor your content to provide value and address your audience's needs
  • ✅ Create content that remains relevant over time, regardless of current trends
  • ✅ Evergreen content provides consistent value and can drive long-term traffic
  • ✅ Conduct keyword research to understand what your audience is searching for
  • ✅ Educational vs Entertainment content
  • ✅ Adapt to changing trends and preferences to keep your channel relevant

2 - How Often to Post Content

  • ✅ Learn the ideal posting schedule for YouTube
  • ✅ Establish a consistent posting schedule that your audience can rely on
  • ✅ Prioritize high-quality content
  • ✅ Long form and short form ideal content outputs
  • ✅ How to engage with your audience in between uploads

3 - How to Structure you Video

  • ✅ Compelling hook that grabs viewers' attention
  • ✅ Pose a question, present a mystery, use an attention-grabbing statement
  • ✅ Scripting to create story led videos
  • ✅ Clear narrative arc with a beginning, middle, and end
  • ✅ Outline the key points and emotional journey you want to take viewers on
  • ✅ Encourage viewers to share their thoughts, experiences, or feedback

4 - Shorts Strategy

  • ✅ YouTube Shorts guidelines
  • ✅ Showcase different aspects of your niche
  • ✅ How to deliver immediate value, entertainment, or information
  • ✅ How often to post shorts
  • ✅ Hook viewers to keep them engaged
  • ✅ Create shorts that loop to improve completion rate
  • ✅ How to increase your shorts output

5 - How to Monetise

  • ✅ YouTube Partner Program (YPP) by meeting eligibility requirements
  • ✅ Updated monetization requirements for 2023
  • ✅ Explore different ways to monetize your content
  • ✅ Focus on building a sustainable channel

6 - Titles and Thumbnails

  • ✅ Thumbnail should grab attention even in a small size
  • ✅ How to improve your CTR (click through rate) based on title and thumbnail
  • ✅ Hacks on ‘must haves’ on a thumbnail
  • ✅ Best colours, graphics and fonts to use
  • ✅ Create a consistent brand image across the channel
  • ✅ A/B thumbnail testing
  • ✅ Titles that resonate and high in YouTube search
  • ✅ Short vs long titles

7 - Youtube Analytics

  • ✅ Review metrics for individual videos, your channel as a whole, and audience demographics
  • ✅ Learn to understand and read your analytics to improve future videos
  • ✅ Focus on key metrics like views, watch time, click-through rate (CTR), and engagement
  • ✅ Use this data to tailor your content to your viewers' preferences
  • ✅ Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags to increase search visibility
  • ✅ Stay up-to-date with changes in YouTube's analytics tools and features


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No, this course is designed to be accessiblefor someone who wants to start or started but is struggling to grow. 

Yes, the strategies taught in this course can be applied to a wide range of niches and topics.

The course provides insights into various monetization methods, helping you understand how to generate income from your channel.

Yes, the course covers various content types, including YouTube Shorts, and strategies for optimizing them.

Yes, you'll have ongoing access to the course even after completing it.

Yes, building audience engagement and community is a key component of the course.

Yes, we'll cover strategies for creating attention grabbing titles and thumbnails that drive clicks and views.

Yes, we have a dedicated module that guides you through YouTube analytics, helping you make data driven decisions.

Yes, the course is designed to accommodate busy schedules, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Absolutely! This course is beneficial for both new creators and those who have already started their channels. You'll learn strategies to optimize existing content and refine your future uploads.

Absolutely, we'll delve into optimizing video descriptions, tags, and metadata to improve search visibility.

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